Saturday, September 02, 2006

Two Videos


Yesterday, I went for a walk with my dog (Lottie) and I was filming her when I spotted something running though the undergrowth. I invesdigated and found that there was a baby grey squirrel. This proived to be quite interesting as i've never seen a baby squirrel before (or indeed a squirrel this close before)

now for a bit of history about Lottie. She is a mongrel of a terrier, which makes her a rodent killing machine (which I will make a video of soon) and she is very good at catching small, fluffy, cute animals. Unforunetly for her, when something interesting happens she doesen't realise that she can't try and eat it while i'm filming it. As a result, the video is quite short, but perfectly formed. One Day, I will make a longer version. With music which wasn't made in 5 minutes in GarageBand. so enjoy...

The next video is a StopMotion mouse. and yes, it's the same mouse as in My Adventure but, the interesting thing is that this was made in late 2004 (when i first started on my course, is only one angle and nothing much happens during the video, but it's very important to me, and I enjoyed making it.

hope you enjoy both video's.

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